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Your transformation starts here. A place to learn, love and find your true path.

House of Om - more than just yoga school. Bali's most prominent accredited yoga alliance academy with a variety of programs, which help deepen your practice and connect you to your inner knowing. House of Om is a place of strength, growth, self-expression, and expansion. We're a community, a family, a school, a charity center, and most importantly a place to call and find home.
About us About us
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What you will get during course

A life-changing experience
House of Om has changed more than 6000 lifes of our graduates from 35 countries all over the world since 2016. We're proud to state that 40% of our graduates returned to enroll on 300hrs YTT or other programs. By joining our family, you join for an unforgettable experience learning yoga with a supportive and like-minded community.
Incredible locations
Our breathtaking campuses in the Motherland of Yoga - Rishikesh, India and in the Yoga City - Ubud, Bali, offer students a retreat-like experience while the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a magical location. Surrounded by lush jungles and forests in mountains, waterfalls, rice fields, tempels and other historical structures. The rich histories of Inida and Bali create a spiritual atmosphere that is unrivaled.
Our top-rated campuses strive to bind the perfect balance location, peace, nature, and serenity. Our schools offer a range of options to meet anyone’s needs, from laundry service and delicious daily buffet-style meals, to comfortable rooms with various sharing options to fit your budget and preferences, we’ve got you covered.
Globally-recognized Certification
We offer all students the opportunity to receive a globally accredited Yoga Alliance certification. This certificate opens up endless opportunities of continued growth in the yogic path, to teach yoga anywhere around all over the world.
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Worldwide most experienced spiritual & yoga experts

Accredited yoga teachers from all over the world with 10+ years of experience are ready to share ancient to modern practices with you. Our masters will help you dive into more than 15 spiritual disciplines and become a yoga expert. Moreover, a family-like atmosphere will make you feel at home.
Our teachers

Worldwide most experienced spiritual & yoga experts

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Yoga Index Session

Yoga Index Session offers free educational videos from experienced yoga gurus. These useful materials will help you to improve your mental and physical states without the need to leave a house. Be in touch with yoga and House of Om 24 hourse a day!


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